Remembering the Bravest Blogger Ever.

Hannah Lyson.

I didn’t know the name a few hours ago, but now I do. Sadly, the circumstances I got to know her under are not the ones I would have liked- but as a human being and a blogger I would like to share her story and her bold move which lead me to learn about her.

Hannah Lyson was born in Liverpool, and was planning to travel to the United States, among other places. She was apparently a keen travel blogger and had ambition to tell a story through her social media. But last year, some news hit her that I’m sure would have shocked both her and her family. She had been diagnosed with bowel cancer.

If it were me, I would have wanted to work for a short space of time to preserve my online image and create ‘my legacy’, then withdraw from the public space. But Hannah did something far more courageous and admirable than this.

She decided that she would turn her Travel Blog into a story of her battle with cancer. Through a series of posts to her WordPress blog- she shared her struggles and every aspect of her turbulent and private journey- staying strong throughout. What a move.

Since last year, Hannah has been posting to her blog, or at least she had been. Sadly, Hannah passed away today at the age of 20. But her blog remains a constant reminder of her descision to share the biggest battle of her life with the whole world in an informative and brave way.

Rest In Peace Hannah Lyson (

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