Learn the Code Word That Can Save Your Life in a Bar

Drinks Bars can be a great place to hang out and socialize, but unfortunately they can also play host to serious offenders. Luckily, many bars are starting to employ a Code Word system– whereby if you go to the bar and say a specific phrase- you will be escorted away and taken care of.

For anyone drinking in Lincolnshire (UK), staff can be alerted to a situation if you go to the bar and ‘ask for Angela’. This system has been in place in bars around Lincolnshire since October last year and is an initiative set up by the Lincolnshire council to help combat sexual abuse and rape- but is also applicable in other areas.

Credit: The Awkward Squad

As well as this- Low Key Piano Bar in St. Petersburg has employed a very similar system whereby if you ask for ‘Angel Shots’ the staff will be alerted of a situation. But taking it one step further, there are also more specific commands relating to a specific scenario. For example- asking for ‘Angel Shots with lime’ is an instruction to call the police. This is just one of the very specific commands which come from a poster advertised by the bar:

Although not every bar in the world uses this system yet, it could certainly be very useful- especially to mask the true nature of your request when the person(s) you are tying to avoid are nearby. Rather than making up their own key words- other bars should learn these keywords and listen out for them on a daily basis.

This could be a huge step towards dramatically slimming down rape and help people feel more safe…


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