Interesting Tech of the Month

The tech-scape is constantly evolving and playing host to a plethora of innovations- but we all still have a sweet spot in our hearts for the more gorgeous looking tech (sometimes regardless of function). With this in mind- here’s Ordinary Author’s picks for most interesting tech of the month:


Image result for PRYNT
Credit: The Automotive


Who would have thought printing could ever be fun? This wireless printer pairs with a smartphone app which displays hidden content as your image is printing. Don’t fear though, because it also comes with a 10 pack of photo paper- I’d buy more straight away though…


‘lofree’ Mechanical Keyboard

Credit: TechCrunch


It’s wireless, mechanical, and looks amazing. Inspired by an old-fashioned typewriter- the lofree might just be the coolest keyboard around…


The Light Phone

Credit: The Light Phone


You might remember we wrote about this. But just in case you don’t, the Light phone is a beautiful, minimally designed phone which has two main functions- sending and receiving calls. As well as making a bold fashion statement, this phone was designed with addicts in mind- providing respite from a world of FOMO. The Light Phone is now available to pre-order from .


Lytro Camera

Image result for lytro camera
Credit: ePHOTOzine


Lytro first rose to prominence in 2012 with their first version of the Lytro Camera, a compact rectangular device with one game changing feature- the Lytro Camera will ‘capture the Light Field’ of an image, allowing you to change the focus of a picture after you take it. Now the company continue to develop their technology and are boasting an SLR-grade model…


Nanoleaf Auora

Image result for nanoleaf aurora
Credit: Nanoleaf


What is it with geeks and polygons?! These modular lights will allow you to light up my_room.exe any way you want- with style…


Thumbnail Credit: Nanoleaf

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