On Climate Change Denial

I don’t quite know what climate change is, so I suppose I can’t really say whether I do or don’t believe in it. But I’ve never had to. Besides, I’m aware that climate change is a scientific theory accepted by almost 100 per cent of the community. So I suppose not believing in it would put me in the same sub-section of society as people who believe the Moon Landings never happened. Not that this stops some people anyway…

What I do know, is that actions carried out by humans can cause immense suffering– and that if we carry on depleting our planets natural resources at the rate we are now- we’re gonna ruin a lot of people’s futures. Maybe that’s the key word here- future.

London exceeded its annual air pollution limit in five days (The Independent).

The other day I was watching Channel 4 News, more specifically, a news item on air pollution. I knew that the quality of air was not great in the UK, but nevertheless, I was very shocked at what I heard. According to ch.4, the air pollution levels are at a 6 or above in the majority of the country (with London being on a level 9). Officially, 6 is the level at which you are advised not to do any strenuous activity outdoors. It might not sound true, but it is.

So why am I talking about this, when I was supposed to be commenting on climate change? Well, a lot of climate change deniers seem to think that if climate change isn’t real- then any actions you take will bear no concequence to the eco-system.  It seems very clear to me that the more you drill into the ground and harvest gas from it, the more unstable this area will become. There’s also a question of noise pollution which as well as really frustrating the local residents- has been proven to drive wildlife away from the given area.

List of extinct Bird Species according to birdlife.org . I couldn’t fit it all on one page.


Perhaps I’m being too naive here. Maybe I am confusing ignorance for deceit. Let me explain- FOX NEWS are a well known news company- with a well known history for dismissing climate change as a silly theory (I hope Nigel Farage acclimatises to his new job there by the way). How convenient for them, I thought, as Rupert Murdoch (the owner of Fox News as well as a myriad of other news corps.) began drilling for oil in the Golan Heights of Syria last year.  Last year, Donald Trump also nominated Rex Tillerson, the boss of Exxon Mobil- AN OIL COMPANY- to become his Secretary of State. Perhaps this could account for his avid dismissal of climate change. Donald Trump has since removed all word of climate change from the White House website, and cut all public funding to any research in this sector.

We have to do something about this… Credit: Huffington Post

Believe climate change or not, but there is a hugely prevelant problem- which needs addressing. In terms of air pollution, there needs to be as strict regulations as there are in other sectors- to prevent ‘purge days’ where people aren’t allowed out into the street (for health reasons). The time has come where we, the people, have to take this matter into our own hands (as we are having to do with countless other issues). Supply funding, draft legislation, and protest if we have to. 

If someone could point me to a useful website where I can learn more about climate change, I would be very grateful…

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