No Female Directors Nominated for 2017 Oscars (Again)

The nominees for the 2017 annual Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, have been announced (full list down below). There weren’t really many surprises to be found- with La La Land being nominated for the most awards as expected (12) however there are still some shocking trends in the lineup which don’t show off the Oscars as the lovingly progressive event it likes to be known as.

The main shock is that there are no female nominees in the Best Director category. This doesn’t necessary show off the Oscars as a sexist event- but in my opinion, certainly highlights the lack of gender equality in Hollywood when it comes to the director’s chair. I’m not asking for 50 per cent female nominees, as that would be just as bad as no female nominees, but one female face would be nice? Perhaps next year we could focus on this, now that ethnic diversity in Hollywood is beginning to look up- with Viola Davis (this year) being the first black woman to receive three Oscar noms (not that I like to bring this up, as I think the best way to tackle racism is not to bring up race when you don’t have to).

Aside from this issue, it might be a surprise that no superhero movies were shortlisted, apart from Scuicude Squad- but that doesn’t really count, sort of. I would also have expected Captain America: Civil War to be shortlisted- the use of the computer-handled Robert Downey Jr. stands out to me as a Visual Effects contender. The films Silence and Deadpool were also of notable absence.

Speaking of which, let me talk my predictions through for some of the winners. I find it very likely La La Land will win at least one award- purely from balance of probability. I also have my hopes on Rogue One winning at Visual Effects, for its game changing GCI recreations of classic Star Wars characters. Aside from this, I don’t want to make any stark predictions- because I’m not feeling that adventurous.

Here is a complete list of nominations (from The Independent):

So- until blogs can win Oscars, bye…
Thumbnail credit: John Lewis


  1. a few years ago– and after feeling this way through several years of the oscars, i finally decided that i would never give a f*** what they thought was important ever again.

    there are simply too many amazing things they overlook, and too many mundane (really unextraordinary) things that make it to the top, that i cant tell when theyre serious and when its random.

    any other awards ceremony. oscars? who seriously cares? (more to the point, why would they?)

    starting to feel the same way about the nobel prize committee.


    • I’m starting to feel that way too, but nevertheless it’s an iconic event and I wanted to share my perspective. Besides, wouldn’t you love to be nominated and then give an ‘alternative speech’- to put it politely?

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      • nah, those alternative speeches are getting to be a cliche. in principle, yes.

        i wouldve thought all awards were pointless at one time in my life– ive made peace with the idea. id be happy going to any non-boring ceremony that wasnt too full of itself. the problem is, the academy is more full of itself that just about any award-related committee on the planet. do we really need them?

        this isnt an attack on the entire mainstream, im not saying “indie spirit awards, or gtfo.” although as far as movies, theres not much else, right? oh, golden globes do tv and movies, i guess.

        im just saying let the oscars die (or i wont bother with them anyway) because there are tons of other ceremonies, and theyre just too… blah… eh. traditions are nice, until theyre just devoid of real meaning, is what im saying. if they could kick out the academy and replace them all, maybe that would shake it up enough.

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