BBC Announce Plans for New Streaming Service

Last night, the BBC announced their plans for a new streaming service to compete with the likes of Netflix, and, Hulu?

At a press conference at the BBC corporate headquarters- the Director General of the company acknowledged the way media consumption was changing for younger people and also acknowledged the term ‘binge watching’, whilst also commenting on the superior budgets of new online shows such as The Grand Tour- which is available via Amazon’s streaming platform.

This news comes at a convenient time for BBC, undoubtedly feeding off the popularity of Sherlock (the BBC’s modern adaptation of the classic detective)- which has gained an international fan base. 

Grand Tour star Jeremy Clarkson used to work at the BBC, but he got fired for punching a worker in the face.

On the news, the BBC also talked about how although the popular show Planet Earth II had been watched thousands of times when on air, it had been watched hundreds of thousands of times through social media- hinting that there’s a lot more money which could be being made.

Many people are still wondering about the specifics of this new service though, for example: will it cost? As the Director promised that by 2020, they’ll be competing alongside Netflix and Amazon Instant Video- it was heavily implied that the new service will be a subscription service.

By contrast, a spokesperson for the Channel 4 show Gogglebox (which we wrote a review on last year) said that it was important to use the traditional TV infrastructure to support great shows like Gogglebox.

So, does the BBC have enough original shoes to pose a threat to Netflix, and is this the right move for the company? Let us know in the comments section, or of corse, on Twitter.

Bye for now.

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