The Truth About the Shorty Awards

Ah, it’s the deadline for entering yourself or brand into the shorty awards in a couple of weeks. Might as well enter this blog, probably won’t win, but it’s a meritocracy right? Wrong. It’s a deceitful, elitist parade of some deservising, and some undeserving talent.

If you haven’t heard of it- the Shorty Awards are an annual event, which some have called the ‘Oscars of Social Media’. In this event, different individuals and organisations battle it out for a chance to be recognised by the awards in their chosen category e.g. Tumblr blog of the year. But I didn’t see this coming:

You have to pay to enter the shorty awards. That’s something I found out today when applying. After completing some basic details, I was prompted with a screen where you can choose the categories to be considered for. Little did I know that as I was clicking on several of the catagories- a sum was being tallied up for me to pay. In the end, I clicked on only one category to be considered for, and here’s the message I was prompted with at the bottom of the screen:

There’s no garuantee of me even winning! No wonder they weren’t as keen to promote this aspect of the awards. I’m quite shocked that the loving liberal event I wonce knew was never really there in the first place. And quite frankly, I’m disappointed with the nominees who sold this to me as a meritocratic event, where the best man wins.

Casey Neistat, the 2016 Shorty Award holder for YouTuber of the year, is always quick to praise the site for not discriminating against income or race, only on the grounds of talant. This always struck me as important to him, having once been a single father and a recipient of state welfare. So I am shocked that he never mentioned the elitist nature of these awards. We have been sold a lie.

I could of corse pay the fine and get the glory (in theory) but I can’t help but feel slightly cheated. Ordinary Author will have to consider this…

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