5 Things That Could Go Big This Year

You never know where the next big thing will come from. It could be a kid mocking another kids fashion sense on Snapchat (Damm Daniel), or someone could fuse multiple cultural influences together to create a new masterpiece (like Jazz music). With that in mind, here are 10 Things Which Could Go Big This Year.

1. 4:3 Video

A reninant of the past, video of a 4:3 aspect ratio is only ever used for nostalgia purposes, plus some horror movies. Perhaps this year will bring a new revolution in square video. It may also be 4K at the same time. Just because it’s square doesn’t mean it has to be bad quality…

Credit: Ken Stone
2. Portrait monitors 
Speaking of screens, ever thought about portrait PC and laptop monitors? Many people have to read long documents or compose long emails today as part of a changing lifestyle. It would make sense to make portrait monitors for computers as this will enable people to read longer texts with more ease and help reduce the alleged ‘scrolling’ fatigue..

Credit: GCASTD
3. Modesty on Social Media
People often like to go big on social media, but perhaps 2017 will bring an end to this. With growing concernes about privacy and changing attitudes towards platforms like Facebook, this year might see people use social media for more functional purposes and establish more private conversations with friends. 

Credit: BP Global
4.Commercial Drones Will Take Off
Its well known now that Amazon are planning on implementing commercial drones to many areas of the UK which could drastically reduce delivery time, however, it hasn’t really taken off yet. See what I di- okay never mind. Perhaps this year could see drones delivering our goods in less than an hour to our homes. And they don’t have a carbon footprint.

Credit: Amazon
5. The best social media yet.
Social media apps and platforms come and go today, but this year, in an age of fake news as growing contempt for conventional journalism- whomever steps up will have a job on their hands. We’re hoping that YouTuber Casey Neistat’s new partnership with CNN can bring a new intuitive and innovative social media platform. This could be it…

Credit: Wall St Journal

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