Things We Can Rplace the Big Ben Chimes With

As you may know if you’re living in the UK, or if you don’t have a social life- this year, the Big Ben Chimes will be stopped whilst some much needed repair work goes under way- unless you’d enjoy to watch Big Ben fall down. It would probably kill a lot of people as well. Just saying.

Fun fact, the sound the bell makes isn’t actually the original sound as there is a crack in the great bell from the hammer striking it too hard. Um, yeah.

Anyway, since the iconic ‘bwong bwongs’ will be ceased for the first repair in 30 years- I think that the good people of London need to find a way to still send a giant audio notification to the people of Westminster on the hour- and they need to take this matter into their own hands. So, without further ado, here are some things which people could do every hour to replace Big Ben:

1. Default Apple Ringtone.

I love that ringtone so much. Man, such a work of art. So imagine how great it would be to hear everyone play this sound out of their phones every hour- and let the sweet sweet ringtone echo through London. In the words of Director Krennic- It’s beautiful…

Image result for steve jobs funny gif

2. Everybody Say Bwong, Bwong.

This could possibly be the best option, as it is the most authentic, and also the most fun. If we could rely on mass public participation- then we could pick up exactly where the clock left off. Just like Rogue One and A New Hope. These two events are identical.

Image result for steve carell gif

3. Greenwich Time Signal.

This is actually a pretty sensible option- so maybe not use it- but the Greenwich Time signal (commonly called the ‘pips’) are a series of six short tones (used on the BBC News program). I mean it’s very boring and sensible- but I have to provide that option. For boring people. Like you. Just kidding, you’re lovely. HIT THAT FOLLOW BUTTON.

Image result for bbc news gif

4. Let Construction Workers Make the Noise:

I’m sure you could get pretty close to the original sound by just banging a couple of poles together. Not whilst you’re up there- obviously. What the hell do you take me for? Give me a break…

Image result for martin freeman ali g gif

5. Just carry on our normal lives- no one actually cares.

Um, bye.


Thumbnail Credit- Designer Daily

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