Why Digital Detoxes Are Crucial

This morning, I read an article by Ben Hammersley on wired.co.uk about how ‘digital detoxes are a waste of time‘ and how ‘living a purer life isn’t about turning off your smartphone’.

Well now I’m ready to take him up on this.

Life is full of inovations today, especially in the world of science and tech (I love writing about them). In fact, I go so far as to say that when we look back on this period in the future- it will be an even bigger period of growth than the Industrial Revolution. However, life has always been about balancing priorities out with one another so that one thing does not prohibit another. Right now, we need to practice this more than ever. Here’s why:

No one is bored anymore.

‘So bored’ or ‘bored’ are expressions used so much today, but little do people know about the true phenomenon of boredom. Most of the people who write these messages do it through social media and are in fact in a permanent state of distraction (not boredom).

Fear Of Missing Out (or FOMO) is also an expression used by many people and referres to a compulsion to check social media and news feeds for, well, fear of missing out. Researchers in the UK said that if FOMO was a diagnosable condition, then around 80 per cent of the population would have it. So this is clearly a major issue which needs to be addressed.

Boredom is good. Out of boredom, creativity arrises. Lego, models, writing a story- the list goes on. Tell you what, you use your creativity to come up with something else. All of this is possible. Unless of corse you’re distracted. So how can we ensure that creativity trumps boredom every time? Well, here it comes- Digital Detoxes. It doesn’t have to be often- but I can tell you on a first hand basis that they work.

For the last few years, I’ve had the luxury of no internet connection for a couple of weeks every year, whilst on holiday, and it has forced me to think outside the box. I would even argue that if it were not for these periods, this blog wouldn’t exist.

Wired.co.uk, fight me.

Thumbnail: the Wall St. Journal 

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