This Log Will Prove to You Why Busses Should Be Nationalised:

My friends and I rely on the public bus service provided by Stagecoach to get to college in Winchester every day, and although it’s often funny to talk about our adventures on the bus to our friends- this has gone way beyond a joke.

I can recall many incidents occurring on our bus, and unfortunately haven’t been able to write them all down. However, here is a copy of my ‘Stagecoach Log’, which I started writing into recently, and which I planned to paste into a letter. Some personal details have been blanked out.

Friday 11th November 2016 (Morning)

Our driver does not arrive at my stop or several other stops in the village (███). About 20 minutes after the bus is supposed to arrive at my stop (7:29), I get a text from a friend saying that the driver has taken the wrong route through ███ , has stopped just outside the village and is making a phone call. Eventually, the bus turned around and was able to pick us up but it resulted in us being roughly 20 minutes late for our lessons.

Wednesday 11th January 2017 (Afternoon): 

When getting the  █ away from college, which arrives an hour earlier than the ██, we were greeted with a single decker bus- with all seats on it already taken. This is not the first time a single decker has been sent to pick up a load of people who can barely fit on a double. As my friends and I walked down to the stop just before college, we managed to get a standing space (not that you really call it space)- but everyone from college who normally get the bus were told they could not get on. There was also no extra bus.
Another incident occurring in October involved the bus breaking down in B██████ before it got to my stop. According to friends via text, people were unsure of what to do as the driver was fully engaged phoning presumably the company. This resulted in all passengers having to take another bus if they could, or for me and my friends, having to drive to College by ourselves (which isn’t what we pay £600 a year for, also some of our parents work). 
It would not bother me if these were several rogue incidents and I accept that accidents happen, but it is clear that variations of these incidents have happened repeatedly. I can also recall several times on another bus (█) when the driver has had to stop to read a map or even ask for directions.

I will continue to email Stagecoach, but I also thought it would be worth uploading this here, for anyone who wants to read it…

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