Meet the Beautiful New Phone Which Stops Addiction:

It seems today, that products are being designed more and more for features and functionality- but hardly any tech companies design to stop addiction– an ever increasing phenomena in the world of tech.

That is, until one company defied expectations and made a phone which can help your addiction problem- without compromising on great design. Meet the Light Phone.

As the name suggests- the light phone has two functions- to send and receive calls. It’s design is also as minimal as it’s function- it features hardly any real keys, with most of them being touch sensitive, and lighting up on it’s beautiful ‘white’ (or ‘night’) canvas.


The Light Phone is now available to pre-order from their website (, having quickly reached it’s funding goal from crowd funding. The phone comes from Joe Hollier and Kai Tang, with Hollier having a background in Design and the Arts, and Tang having come from the Phone Development region. They now run their business out of the historic Navy Yard in Brooklyn.

Light works out of New Lab, a tech workspace with a manufacturing focus that's located in Brooklyn's historic Navy Yard.

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