How Important Is the Queen?

It might attract many tourists to the UK every year, and we have have grown used to it on our stamps- but is the monarchy in the UK as important as it is painted to be? And if important, do they have to be? 

It’s a miracle we still have a monarchy really. Considering there has been the signing of the US Declaration of Independence, and a French Revolution (both in close proximity to one another)- both of which had getting rid of the monarchy as a key principle- but maybe ours is yet to come…

Another reason we still have a monarchy is probably because the responsibilities of ours are nothing compared to what they once were- it’s still a big role though- let me explain: Even though the Queen does not have the power to make or change laws, in order for a law to be passed, it must be given Royal Assent. This is the final part of the many steps needed for a law to be put in place (others include first reading, second reading, and committee stage). Although this is an official part of the law making system- the last time a bill wasn’t given Royal Assent was over 100 years ago.

So if Royal Assent is something which will always happen, no matter what law, then why do we have it? This is because although the Queen can’t make or break laws- she is our head of state. Whereas in the US for example, the President is the head of state. That’s confusing. Just think of her as the skin of an orange- it’s not what you eat but you need to peel it away to get to the good stuff (government). The Queen the orange peel.

So it’s clear that the Queen is our head of state, and does in fact have some duties, but could be removed from our constitution if a lot of people wanted. Personally, I think we should have an elected head of state (like they do in other countries). I was thinking that it should be the Prime Minister at first, but then I realised that it would be simply brilliant to have an elected monarchy- just on the off chance that Danny Dyre got in (well he does have those Royal links).

So now that you know how the monarchy works- do you think we should keep it? Let me know in the comments section. This way, if necessary, I’ll be able to start planning the revolution as soon as possible.

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