Why We Need To Stop Making Up ‘Ethnic Memes’:

Social media can be a hypocritical place. One moment you’re scrolling through posts from Black Lives Matter, reading about racism in the police force, and then- you see this:

Courtesy of WeKnowMemes
This might seem funny at first, but if you carry on laughing at these and sharing them you need to know that you’re being a hypocrite.

I have seen many posts similar to this, and even though the very first was probably a coincidence- I think it’s a fair guess to say people are making the names up now. It might seem like a joke, but posts like this create a racial divide. They’re ignorant, hypocritical, and well. Um. I’m just gonna say it- racist.

Notice the appropriately (or inappropriately) selected profile pictures. Notice any trends, in race perhaps? When you like or share a posts like this, you are enforcing a stereotype that foreign looking people have foreign looking names- and therefore that White English people do not have foreign looking names.  I would never wish for raicial segregation to come back into place in society (we’d had enough of that by 1968)- but the fact is that it is rising again– this time through the Internet though.

So how can we stop this and bring racial harmony to the Internet? Well, it’s simple: don’t like, don’t comment and don’t share. Maybe in 2017 we can find something to laugh at that isn’t racist…

P.S. In the foreign looking countries- I wonder who are the foreign looking people there?

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