Star Wars: 7 Predictions for VIII

Hi all, Ordinary Author here. It’s been a long time since Star Wars on this blog- and since Rogue One came out this month- it’s about time too! However, since I’ve watched Rogue One- instead of doing a predictable story on R.One- I wanted to reflect back on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and use this opportunity to bring you 10 Things We Could See in Star Wars VIII…

1. Continuity

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The production announcement from earlier on this year gave us a glimpse of what looked like the ending scene from VII, but from a different angle. Although Empire started some time after the events of A New Hope, it would be great to see the Millennium Falcon arriving on ‘Luke Island’ from his own perspective… 

2. Lando Calrissian

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Han Solo was portrayed as a lone-streetwise-smuggler in Episode IV, but the next film- The Empire Strikes Back gave us a glimpse into his former adventures by offering us Lando Calrissian– a reckless gambler who was once acquainted with Solo. With The Force Awakens‘ plot having closely resembled that of A New Hope– it is highly likely that we could see our beloved gambler back on the screen.


3. Rey’s Training

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It seems Rey is unusually gifted with the Force already, for someone that hasn’t had any formal training – but I guess it’s a miracle what 20 years alone on Jakku can do. Now that Rey and Luke are together- I’m sure I speak for many fans when I say I would love to see Luke train Rey. I also have a bad feeling that it will be cut short by a series of unfortunate events. Photo: Twitter

4. The Knights of Ren

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We already got a glimpse of these shady figures in VII– through Rey’s force vision. Inside Rey’s force vision– Kylo Ren is depicted piercing his saber through someone who appears to be a rebel fighter. Rey then staggers back from this to reveal the Knights of Ren. We would love to know more about these figures and whether they’re even real sith or not. I say this because of the Rule of Two which has always existed in the Star Wars universe: the idea that there can only ever be two Sith alive at the same time– A Master, and his Apprentice.

5. Flashbacks

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I just mentioned about the so called knights of Ren, who we only see for a few seconds in The Force Awakens- and how we would love to know more about them. This could be done is the form of a flashback. Rey’s own vision in the latest SW Saga movie could be a hint at more longer flashbacks. Furthermore, there are rumors surfacing that Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) will be appearing in the next movie. This firmly suggests that there will be some flashbacks featuring in this Film. Well, either that or they’re just making another prequel. Umm, yay?

6. More Lightsabers

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The Force Awakens had a best friend: Anakin’s Lightsaber. However, now that we have met Luke again- I think it’s about time to see Luke’s own green saber come back to the screen. or at least some other saber. It is probably more likely that we’ll see a newer version of Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber as it was scruffy and incomplete in the last film.

7. The ‘I am Your Father’ Moment

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When A New Hope came to the Screen for the first time, the question remained throughout the whole film- Who is Luke’s Father? In The Force Awakens, this question was posed to us even more aggressively than in A New Hope- but instead, this time, Rey was the fatherless figure. Since Empire Strikes Back had the defining ‘I am Your Father’ moment at the end, it is likely that the next film, the second in the new trilogy will feature a similar moment at the end of the film. Bets on Jar Jar being the father anyone??


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