Mysterio Live Tweetalong Invitation.

Good day, Ordinary Author here. Fancy coming to a live Tweetalong? I say coming, you don’t even have to leave the toilet.

George Lincoln (Ordinary Author) is doing a live Tweetalong of the Doctor Who Christmas Special- The Return of Doctor Mysterio. If you are a keen Doctor Who fan- then it would be great to see our ‘expert’ opinion as it happens. Or perhaps you are new to the show or can’t really be bothered to watch it yourself. Either way- this could be perfect for you!

We will also be offering more Tweetalongs in the future- so stay tuned here and on social media for the latest details.

To receive our tweets- head on over to George Lincoln’s Twitter profile on 25th December at 5.45 PM (UK Time)– where he will be tweeting with the hashtag #mysteriolive16 – so you can contribute to this discussion if you want.

We hope as many people as possible can come to this once in a lifetime event- and until then, take care… 

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