More Ways to Stand Out in 2017

Good day, Ordinary Author here. You may remember me from such articles as ‘ways to stand out in 2017‘. Well, without further ado, Ordinary Author want to share more of their ideas on how to stand out in 2017…


Not everyone wants to run. Walking not only helps keep you healthy and active- but there are many incredible walking routes you can take- and enjoy the sites along the way. For example, even people living in Basingstoke’s busy centre (UK) are only a short car ride away from the Roman Ruins of Silchester. Or maybe the Peak District is more of your thing, it’s okay I don’t judge…

Use Linux

Linux is often seen as an operating system for coders and hackers, but with simple GUIs, many Linux distros are perfect for coding peasants- like me. With the introduction of the Snoopers’ Charter in the UK and increasing tensions around survalence elsewhere- now could be the perfect time to pick up the penguin. Linux Versions such as Ununtu come with Open Office- allowing you to save documents in Word, PowerPoint and Excel format- and let’s not forget the superior privacy options.

Have a ‘Sleep Interval’

Allegedly, back in the 17th and 18th Centuries, many people would get up in the middle of the night for a short space of time- before going back to sleep. During this time they would focus on creative work, get together with friends or family- and a multitude of other things. With culture increasingly favouring long work hours and high pressure jobs, this could be something worth considering.

Get a Pet

If you haven’t already got one (or you would just like another one), a pet can fundamentally change your life. Be it a Goldfish or a Dog- having a pet can teach you how to live your life in a non-selfish way and give you a new sense of purpose. I’m not saying that having a pet is the only way you can achieve these things- but is a great way to do this. Plus, Dogs.

Start a Blog

This isn’t a paid sponsorship. Whether it’s sharing personal encounters and experiences, writing fictional works, reviewing products, or anything else you can think of- writing a blog can be a great way of expressing yourself. Just log in, start your site, and prepare to be amazed…

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