Instant news: What We Want From Casey Neistat’s CNN Deal

It might be old news now- but YouTuber and amateur cyclist Casey Neistat has reported that he has sold his company Beme to CNN in a deal valued at around $25 million (Ars Technica).

Launched last year, Beme is a social media platform similar to Snapchat where users cover the proximity sensor on the front of their phones to record video and upload it to their story. The main thing that sets it apart from the aforementioned Snapchat is that the screen goes blank when you record video- meaning that you have to focus on the world around you.

So now that this platform has been sold to CNN- here is a concept which we’d love to see from the news giant- instant social media style news for the youth.

Related image
Neistat explaining his social media company in an interview.

Whilst it’s foolish to presume that all youths today aren’t interested in traditional news and print newspapers- most teens clearly place an emphasis on social media– probably because of it’s superior live and instant qualities. The only problem with this is that because services like Snapchat and Facebook are run by the users- they’re not nearly as informative as the traditional media. What’s more is that recently Facebook has become the breading ground for ‘fake news‘, a phenomena in which convincing looking stories which have no actual truth in them are shared around. People’s attention was drawn to this matter following the US Election- following fake headlines such as ‘Another Clinton Ex-Adviser Found Dead’ which began to circulate.

Having said all of this- this could therefore be the perfect opportunity for CNN to launch a social media style news platform which could help engage more young people in current affairs and help combat the ‘Fake News Crisis’ at the same time.

Perhaps the time was right for CNN to acquire the once HBO Producer turned YouTuber…


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