Amazon Abstinence: Ways to Stand Out in 2017

Many people take the approach of ‘re-inventing themselves’ around the new year. Whilst not everyone agrees with this approach- It’s often good to set yourself targets and challenges. Therefore, we’d like to share our top tips for standing out in the new year…

1. Quit Facebook

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This might seem like a radical action, but many people (including myself) have stopped using Facebook’s social media platform and have loved the results. It was also revealed last year that the company had been changing people’s news-feeds deliberately to only show negative content as part of an ‘experiment‘- it’s good to see they care so much about us and our mental health. With the company also currently working with the Chinese government to implement a censored version of Facebook– this might just be the perfect time to leave.

If not from me, take it from these other happy young people who gave up some form of social media- who detailed their feelings in this Guardian article (which I too helped contribute to):


2. Abstain from Amazon

Image result for amazon logo

There are many merits of using Amazon’s services, including Flash Deals and Prime Video- but you may want to seek your services elsewhere in 2017. For all it’s merits, next day delivery can put drivers under a lot of stress. You may think that the company would not offer a service without thorough evaluation- but a recent BBC Report showed us that drivers contracted by Amazon were being expected to deliver ‘up to 200 parcels a day’. One driver even told the BBC that he was told to use bags and bottles as there was no time for a toilet break. Among all the other horrors, he finally said that he was paid the equivalent of £2.59 an hour for three days work. Recent reports have also highlighted some of the behavior which has occurred in their office environment.

Besides, using Amazon non stop can severely impact your local area’s business and trade. Whilst some proceedings from a local shop would go to the council and help keep jobs open in your area, I think the only place your money goes to when shopping on Amazon is to an offshore bank account. It might be slightly less convenient, but you should strongly consider supporting local businesses (just a posh way of saying shop near home)- it can have an very rewarding feeling if you’re only used to online shopping and the world of ecommerce.  Oh, and it will make you stand out from the crowd.

[BTW Mr Robot is available on DVD in all good high street DVD stores…]


Those were just some of our top tips for the new year. For more tips, reviews, or opinions- make sure you stay tuned on this blog.

Please also feel free to leave a comment.


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