Every Doctor Who Christmas Special: From Worst to Best

It’s a proud tradition of mine to sit down on a Christmas day and watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special- and it should be a proud tradition of yours too. As we’re on the brink of the next Who Christmas Special, Ordinary Author wants to share their views of the specials and rank each of these iconic programmes from worst to best. Hold on to your seats…


11. The Husbands of River Song

Image result for doctor who the husbands of river song

Doctor Who Christmas specials always try to attract more viewers than usual by adding more festivity and comedy- and I hate that. Too often is the plot and content of the episode undermined by a stupid character or sub-plot, and this is clearly evident in The Husbands of River Song. The episode emotionally ends the nearly decade long on-screen relationship between River and the Doctor. Given this, I think it should have had it’s own regular episode in which their relationship is the only thing we have to focus on. That being said, fans of comedy and antics will love this episode.

10. The Time of the Doctor

Image result for doctor who the time of the doctor

Like the episode before, the Time of the Doctor tries to incorporate a major event into the Christmas story- the Regeneration of Doctor 11. It has some very funny moments in it and some festivity. It also has some touching scenes between Clara and the Doctor before his demise. However, these parts contrast each other and the comedy ends up detracting from the emotion of the Regeneration. That being said, there are some heartfelt moments to watch in this episode and an iconic speech from the Doctor as he becomes a relic of Who past…

9. The SnowmenImage result for doctor who the snowmen

An interesting episode, and one fairly crucial to the plot of the next season, the Doctor embarks on an adventure in Victorian London- getting up to his Time Lord antics alongside Madame Vastra, Strax, and Jenny. A fairly tense and moving story, the episode just has a little too much Trivia- such as the infamous ‘Thomas Thomas’ scene…

8. The Doctor the Widow and the Wardrobe

Image result for the doctor the widow and the wardrobe

A clear pun on C.S. Lewis’ well loved novel, TDWW follows the Doctor to a large English home in the country, and a mother and children suffering the effects of war (the father went to fight). Magical and heartfelt- this episode just leaves a little to be desired in order to get up to the top of the list.

7. A Christmas Carol

Image result for doctor who a christmas carol wallpaper

A touching and exciting episode- A Christmas Carol combines the clear influence of Dickensian literature and puts that classic qwerky Who spin on it. Whilst some may like it, and I can certainly appreciate it, I’d prefer a more unique and original storyline. However, extra points for using the beautiful voice of Katherine Jenkins, and also the un-questionable power of Michael Gambon….

6. The Next Doctor

Image result for doctor who the next doctor

When the trailer for The Next Doctor first came to the screen, everyone was very excited for a number of reasons. Whovians always love to speculate who the next Doctor could be (I’m routing on Bill Nighy), but no-one could have imagined that it would be David Morrissey. That’s partly because there were no announced plans for David Tennant to retire from Who. But I suppose that’s never stopped the writers from tricking us before. Despite the intrigue of this episode,  I can’t help but feel that the main plot involving the Cybermen and the sub-plot of how the Doctor became the NEXT DOCTOR didn’t quite fit together naturally. That being said- a very heartfelt episode, and it’s always great to see two Doctors together- even if all is not as it seems…

5. The End of Time (Part 1 and 2)

Image result for doctor who the end of time

Although this is our farewell episode for the Tenth Doctor, which draws together many of the unanswered questions of Who history, and does it with emotion, it still doesn’t win the Christmas list for me. But to give it it’s credit, it has emotion, and a heart-touching scene with Rose at the end, and the Master. That’s pretty good as things go…

4. The Runaway Bride

Related image

This episode introduces Donna, but little did we know that she would come back as a full time companion following next year’s xmas special. This episode not only introduces Donna, but also a fine new villain- the Racnoss. A shame this villain was so short lived. Another notable feature is the scene in which the TARDIS follows a car down a road in an iconic high speed pursuit scene of our time…

3. Last Christmas

Image result for doctor who last christmas

I suppose this episode comes so high for it’s dark nature. I typically don’t like the first episodes of a new Doctor now as much as in the past, or episodes that use clear inspiration from other famous media or literature- but sometimes you just have to make an exception. This episode will provide you with all the mind bending science and morbid monsters to make your Christmas a real success for the whole family.

2. The Christmas Invasion

Image result for doctor who the christmas invasion

The great thing about David Tennant’s Doctor is that you wouldn’t know from each episode whether he had started the role yesterday or five years ago. the Christmas Invasion poses a question to the audience- ‘How long does it take for the new Doctor to get into character?’ Then answers it with ‘about 10 minutes’. Also featuring is an alien which became instant history and was also instantly mocked by the Doctor. ‘I dooont knoooow!’

1. Voyage of the Dammed

Related image

It doesn’t get any better than this. VOTD manages to make the episode Christmas and lovely and magical, but at the same time, dark scary and mysterious. If you chose one epical to watch before the 2016 one, it must be this one. And I should know because…



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  1. we both love doctor who, but i havent watched it in ages. last time i watched clara was with matt smith. i havent gone off it, i just dont watch as much television.

    as such, reviews are bittersweet, but at least there are more whovians out there. actually i know loads of them in the states, but i dont tire of meeting new ones. take care.


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