Election 2016 Video Game Review

When I bought the brand new video game: US Election 2016, I was originally very sceptical. This was probably because I had played Election 2008 and Election 2012- and was concerned that this game would be a remake of the last two. I was very wrong.


The game started with many candidates battling for their party nomination. Such candidates included Real-Life Rand, Tiny Ted, and Beautiful Bernie. But after a slightly overrated battle scene- we were left with Donald ‘The Wall’ Trump for the Republicans and Hilary ‘Where Are My Emails?’ Clinton for the Democrats.


Both characters were very interesting to play with but I can’t help but feel some aspects of the characters needed refining. Amid the serious levels, Hilary’s smile was very unsettling and Donald wouldn’t talk to any Hispanic characters- which made it very difficult for the plot to advance quickly. The final Boss Battle was also very confusing and in my opinion could have been designed much better.


The ending was satisfying but a bit cliché. Mr trump won the final Boss Fight and greeted an audience as the newly elected President to talk about unification and togetherness- how predictable. I would much rather have seen an edgy end to the game where Mr Trump revealed that he was a Democrat Double Agent, or he unzipped his body to reveal Hilary standing there, or that he wasn’t real- or something.

Overall, I rate US Election 2016 a 2.5 for storyline, but a 10 for uniqueness.

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