MacBook Pro- What Jobs Would Love and Hate

It’s hard to pin point exactly where Steve Jobs would have lost faith in Apple. I suppose for me, this hit me hard when the Apple Pencil was released. However, it didn’t matter to me that Apple were physically afraid of calling it a stylus. What mattered to me was that when Steve Jobs returned to Apple and became the CEO of the company once again, one of the first products he axed was the Newton. He did this purely because of the stylus which he passionately stated downgraded creativity, and was counter intuitive.

Since then, we have seen a succession of Apple products which many would call distinctly non-Apple in nature, such as a mouse you can’t use whilst charging, a TV box with no 4K support in 2015, and a phone with a protruding camera lens (so it can’t lie flat)- to name a few. But Steve wouldn’t loose faith completely- here’s why.

Steve Jobs at the MacBook Air release, 2008.

Steve Jobs hated function keys. It’s true. Jobs reportedly would not sign someone’s Apple II Computer at an event unless they pulled the function keys out (Leadner Kahney). Despite this profound dislike, he was never able to rectify this by removing the function keys, at least not in his own lifetime. Now in late 2016, the Apple MacBook Pro is here, with OLED Touch Bar. And Touch ID.

When the first iPhone was announced, press and Apple employees gathered to wait for the big announcement, and Job’s showmanship alike. When the time came to reveal the phone they were working on, it was shockingly revealed that the iPhone would have no keyboard. Or at least there would only be a keyboard when you needed it.

How would this strange new system work? How could there be a keyboard one minute, and no keyboard at the next? Touchscreen. By now, we should know how touchscreen works.

Love it or hate it, I also think that Steve would love the removal of the headphone jack, which occurred in the latest iPhone this year. Having believed ferociously in end to end control, he would have been delighted with the possibility of removing a multi platform port. We saw this ferociousness in action through the transition of FireWire, on the original iPod, to the Apple 30 pin connector.

There has been a lot of turbulence in the world of Apple as of late, but as we have discovered, there are some hidden gems that would make Jobs smile. You still can’t connect your iPhone to your new MacBook Pro though, better work on that Apple…

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