Top 10 MacBook Touchbar Uses:

Well, it was well predicted and Apple delivered on these rumours to produce an OLED Touchbar on its latest MacBook, which it launched tonight. During the event, Apple demoed the Touchbar in Photoshop and DJing , among other things. However, it still has much potential from different developers- so here’s my list of the top 10 potential uses of the Apple Touchbar:

1. Angry Birds Slingshot

Can you imagine anything worse than trying to hurl a bunch of birds at some pigs with a touchpad? I know I can’t. Luckily, you could use your thumb (or finger if you prefer) to carry out this task, smartphone style- but with the big screen experience. PS. No real birds were harmed making this…

2. Minecraft Toolbar

Question: is there any better use of the toolbar than this?! Use the toolbar to switch quickly between blocks and protect your land- with added style… Just don’t go up against loads of zombies unprepared…

3. Video Scrubbing

It’s hard to be precise when scrubbing through video for your own entertainment, and this can be even more frustrating when editing video. If your video editing session isn’t cut by at least half an hour- you can unfollow this blog. P.S. If you’re new, please follow.

3. Photoshop/graphics

Graphics tablets are very popular in the world of design, probably because of their similarity to pen and paper which can deliver precise results. Having a Touchbar will deliver that same level of finger-to-screen accuracy which has become vital to susesful design…

4. Autocorrect 

The toolbar seems ideal for autocorrect, so fear not! You’ll never have to worry about m missspelltt werd ever agin…

5. General security

This new toolbar is great for so many reasons, but none more than security. By having a second screen on the bottom- you are increasing your privacy, reducing the information your spectators around you can see. We’re not promising any flaws somewhere along the line, but it’s better than Windows…


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