How the State Invented Killer Clowns.

It’s approaching the end of 2016, with the US Presidential elections under full swing and it’s abundantly clear, more so than ever in recent times- the world is in a right state.

The problem isn’t that the UK voted to leave the EU in June this year, the problem is that since we voted to leave- racist hate crimes rose by 57 per cent*- and that was just in the four days following. Neo Nazi propaganda also arose, becoming visible In large towns and cities such as Glasgow.

The problem isn’t that a Republican President could be voted in soon (more Republicans than Democrats in Congress voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act). The problem is that the Republican candidate has repeatedly had to apologise for racist, sexist, and derogatory comments. 

And now, to top it all off, people are walking around dressed as clowns, but with a twist. They are holding dangerous items such as knives and real chainsaw s- lovely. Police in the UK and the US have pleaded to these so called ‘killer clowns’ to stop as they are actually scaring children and adults and wasting police time- and tax payers money I add. Many people dismiss it as a ‘fad’ (BBC News) and a silly trend, but I for one am particularly concerned how so many ordinary people have been lead to acting out scenes closely resembling The Purge.

So, why are ordinary people becoming dangerous criminals and scaring children? To me it’s simple- people are so frightened that it’s driving them crazy. 

In 2016, it’s now easier to name a country which hasn’t been affected by a major terror attack recently. One example is the shootings at Istanbul airport mid way through this year. Although these incidents, generally have not re occurred in the given country, they have spread and multiplied across Europe. This along with a new strong sense of nationalism in the UK and the nature of the US Elections, along with ongoing conflicts such as Allepo- has made people very un-easy. One man said: “there just isn’t the same atmosphere at this election as there was at the last time” and “it’s like choosing between a lesser of two evils”. That man was me.
With these struggles going on world-wide- it’s easy to see why people would freak out. I believe that the dangerous clowns are ordinary people who have become caught up in the chaos of current affairs. In fact, I go so far as to say:

People have become so exposed to terror that they feel the need to provide counter-terrorism and the clown thing is the confused people’s way of doing that.

But there is still hope, and let me tell you why:

Whilst there are many reported incidents of terror reported every day, there always have been- they were just much less connected in the past. During the Cold War, western planes were reportedly hijacked with the aims of flying to Cuba almost every day. Today, stemming from 9/11 and the recent attacks- air travel has never been safer. And even though racism in Britain is strong right now- the PM has said that no EU nationals will not be sent back home, and she has even promised to accommodate hundreds of child refugees from the Calais camp which will be closing soon.

So clowns. This is my message to you:

The world will be okay, and so will you. Go back home, stop scaring children. It’s not helping. Be with your neighbors, friends and family. And when you read the news, read it with a pinch of salt. 

It’s only 2016, there’s still a lot of good, and a lot that needs to be done- and I’m sure as hell not giving up.

P.S. Maybe hold the election no way near Halloween…

*Sources: Indipendant, CNN, Telegraph, 2016

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