Google’s questions about Britain answered by an Englishman.


A place of warmth and dryness, and love of the EU. Okay none of that was true, so it’s important were honest with each other from now on*.

After doing a simple Google search starting with the words ‘are British’- it is the questions that were suggested from this which will form the basis of this article. If anyone is worried about my credibility- just know that I’ve lived in England for my incredibly short life.  And here are the questions:


1. Are British Police Armed?


Not the normal police. We have a special type of police called the Fire Arms Police, which are sent out in very special cases. In a new policy adopted by our Government, in order to save ammunition, criminals are instead tickled with a feather duster until they promise not to do it again.

However, you might not see any dusters around train stations and airports, especially busy ones in this country. This is because the Police Officers did not want to accidentally offend tourists and visitors from other cultures, so they got massive guns instead.

2. Are British and English The Same?


No, not quite. Someone who is British, is  a citizen of Great Britain, which incorporates England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of White. Therefore, London is the Capital of England, not the United Kingdom. As you probably guessed now,  someone who is English… Is from Russia.

3. Are British and Australian Accents The         Same?

Not exactly, but it’s very easy to see why someone who does not have GCSE Accents can get these two confused. You see, the Film and TV industry has adopted an annoying habit of casting men and women with half Australian accents, a kind of Free Trial Version.

Here I will link an example of a stereotypical English Accent, and an Australian Accent for you to study. And there will be a short test next week, so make sure you do. AustralianEnglishuksaflag

4. Are British Airways and Delta Partners?

fast company.gif

I’m glad you asked- this is actually a typical conversation starter in Britain. As far as I’m aware, British Airways and Delta are not partners. BA is part of the One Word Alliance, along with many other groups such as S7 Airlines and Qatar Airways- but not Delta.

I highly recommend British Airways for the huge variety of countries they fly to, along with their exceptional standards of customer service and quality. I have never had a better tasting apple juice, ever.


*Also, might not contain the whole truth…

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