Portal Movie Casting Predictions

As you might know, recently, JJ ABRAMS revealed that he had plans for a Portal Movie, as well as that of the game half life- both of which are best selling video games developed by VALVE. In an interview with IGN, the director said that he hoped ‘there will be a Portal announcement fairly soon’.

With that in mind, here are my casting predictions in the film/who I would like them to cast. It is likely many of the original voice actors such as Stephen Merchant will end up in the film, but nevertheless with a new film around the cornet, let’s look at some fresh faces.

Chell: Daisy Ridley

Star Wars Portal Crossover anyone?

Ridley has already proven herself as a strong female protagonist in her debut on Star Wars VII, and this is just what’s needed for this role. The fact that the new Stat Wars was directed by JJ himself makes it even more likely…

Wheatly: Simon Pegg

credit- the times

It would seem perfectly reasonable to cast Stephen Merchant for this role, especially as he is an experienced actor and the voice of Wheatly in the game! However I’m including some fresh actors to make it interesting. Pegg’s established comic style with a hint of emotion is perfect for this role…

GLaDOS: Scarlet Johanson

Johanson recently voiced Kaa the Snake in the new adaptation of the Jungle Book

Scarlet Johanson. An experienced actor and voice actor. If her soothing yet threatening tone isn’t right for this role then I don’t know what is.

Cave Johnson: JK Simmons

Simmons voiced Cave in the game himself!

I know I said I’d keep this list fresh, but I really can’t think of anyone better to play this iconic role than the voice actor himself. Proving capable of the actual role through his most recent role in WHIPLASH, and the more cave like roles in the original Spiderman films, who better?

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